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Self Supporting Arena Boards

Mad of micro profiled 30 mm thick steel/PU hard foam-sandwich type panels. The edges are reinforced and protected with a specially designed material. Board surface is ideal for digital print film laminated for advertising.


Aluminium Connector Stands

Made from special drawn aluminium profiles with integrated sleeve for optional net post insert. Legs with combination plastic end cap & floor pad and patented pin connecting technology.


Choice of 6 Standard Goals

Impact resistant goal construction. Goal frame made of special drawn aluminium section with super stable case aluminium corner joints (5 year warrantly), hinged net supports, detachable ground tie-bar, with or without lateral access door, including rigid PP net.

Arena Standard Court No1 thumbArena Standard Court No2


Small Court details thumb

Quick and easy to set up and dismantle

Lightweight construction, stable, no screwing or tensioning necessary, no special tools or skills required.


Weather resistant, maintenance-free, for all grounds

For indoor and outdoor usage, automatic adjustment to unevengrounds due to patented connector system.


StorageLittle storage space required & transport easily managed

A complete Action Street Arena fits within a specially designed and fitted-out trailer.